An animated Button used repeatedly in the level

An animated Button used repeatedly in the level.

What works so far:

  • I have created a button (a StaticMesh from a BSP)
  • This button can I focus and in its class to filter (query whether there is a button)
  • So I can now capture his label and react to it
  • The Aninmation the buttons I created as Matinee
  • So far I can the animation - the button should be pressed briefly - just over the level blueprint to address, so I have to animate each button individually
    What does not work yet:
  • Create only a button with the or the associated animations, which can then be used in multiple, individually addressable instances in Level (possibly via Blueprint?)

An example:
I have a safe door with three digits as a code. They should be adjustable via a respective button above and below each digit. That is, a click on the button on the middle digit counts these once high while the button is pressed (animated) is.

But now I do not want to animate each button individually and query, but read the label of the button and the corresponding operation (count value and the right button to animate) trigger.

Is there an elegant way?

For any solutions I would be very grateful.

With kind regards from Bremen by Nick Wright

Maybe give an indivdual ID to each button BP, then when you press the appropriate item (which is also given an unique ID), run a for each loop and run the animation at the button where the id’s matches?