An alternative to FaceARSample for Realtime Facial Animation - Face Cap + OSC Plugin

In this video I’m showing how the Face Cap iOS App can be used for realtime facial animation, using the OSC plugin for Unreal Engine.

[video]Realtime Facial Animation from Face Cap to Unreal Engine 4 using OSC Plugin - YouTube

This is a valid, cheaper and easy to use alternative to the FaceAR Sample, and since a lot of people are struggling to deploy that to their iPhone, this app already give you what you want, without the need of having an Apple Developer account.

You just need to get the Index and the Blend Shape values, and from there you can use the data to drive your realtime character inside UE4.

Face Cap iOS App

OSC Plugin for Unreal Engine 4…in-osc-for-ue4

Live Receiver for Face Cap using Unreal Engine 4…x8YuY-24hhGqvZ
On Face Cap set your port to 8000, then enter your IP


Nicolas Esposito

Thanks for sharing this! Does Facecap also work with the new default OSC support in 4.23+ or is that user-made OSC plugin still required, do you know?

I’m still on 4.22 and honestly I didn’t even know that the OSC was integrated into 4.23, but I think that next week I’ll take a look at it and eventually release a new version, this time based on 4.23.