Amount of movement

Is there a blueprint node that I haven’t come across yet that could read how much movement has been made by the player’s hand controller? I suppose this could be used to help display speed (meters per second) or indicate how quickly the player moved to a given location.

I’m developing for VR hand controllers, and I want to be able to determine how quickly a hand controller is moving, preferably as a number between 0 and 1. Is this even possible?

You will need to specify a range in order to return a normalized value of speed, but you could get the absolute speed by getting the velocity of the object and using a vector length node.
I’ve not used VR hand controllers, so I am not sure what object’s velocity you will need to check. But a Get Physics Linear Velocity node, with a Vector Length node might work for you.

After that, if you know what the max velocity may be, use a Normalize to Range node, and plug in your velocity, and your max.