Amount of materials recommended for a modular house set?

Hey there everyone, I’m trying to build a modular house set that I will eventually re-use and build both the parts and house structures in my 3d app. However I ran into a issue with substance painter where my materials wont tile/be seamless unless it takes up the whole UV space. I wanted to make a texture atlas so I can save on texture space but I’m not sure if its worth it or such a huge performance hit.

I’m working on an indie game project at a small company/group and I’ve been tasked with making a modular house set. I’ve done some of this before but it was mostly single houses each with their own textures/materials. I’m just wondering whats the best way to approach this situation. I can either sculpt everything in zbrush but it would take rather long and be tedious to sculpt each roof shingle for example.

The modular house kit I’m making includes all the usual things like Wood beams, walls, two roof pieces each its own color, ect. I’ve looked through other modular houses on sketchfab and other places and some people actually use more than one material but I’m not sure if it would be the optimal way. It seems it would be a lot easier for me though. The game is or might be online and the town is going to be maybe medium in size. The game is suppose to have a stylized anime feel which it seems most anime style art is somewhat basic and painterly in style.

Would you recommend using say maybe 3-4 materials for the whole modular house set?

Would you recommend sculpting in zbrush or substance designer?

4 materials is enough I guess.
substance designer +1