Amongst Ruins

Hey there community. Well me and a friend (my friend is doing level design but he hasn’t finished the level yet) have been working on a game called Amongst Ruins. Amongst Ruins is a spell based 3rd person shooter, so you get to control different powers like invisibility, shock waves etc… It is set in an alien civil war between an alien rebellion and a brainwashed race of the species. We are currently seeking a 3d character artist to make the enemies because my skills aren’t really good enough (although I did make the player). Anyway without anymore blabbing here is update 1:

Hope you enjoy!! :wink:

Want to help us?
We are in need for someone to make the enemy and do particles fx. If interested pm me!!!

Gah, i’d have put this in my news post if you had posted a day earlier!!! Still, love it tho! :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: I just posted it yesturday cause I setup death animations.

I’d appreciate some more feedback people of the world!

Okay, update 2 is here. I setup 2 power thingys. 1st power is invisibility, 2nd power is the ability to make decoys of yourself so you can confuse other players. We don’t know if we will keep the decoy power but tell us what you think.

Oh and minor update: Dead bodies despawn.

I love that idea,had similar thoughts myself maybe a decoy weapon/health pickup that is a explosive

Okay, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Great idea, we are making place-able turret thingys that you can place and control so maybe making decoy ones that kill players when they try to control one would be cool!

Yes please send things that you would like in the map thank you for the feed back!!!

Want to help us?
We are in need for someone to make the enemy and do particles fx. If interested pm me!!!

Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been busy with school and stuff but I managed to setup proper respawn which will work when we move on to setting up multiplayer before I just had it set to reopen the level.

I like the decoy idea! It would be sweet if the decoy knew which way you were running and would run a different way. Otherwise I don’t think it would be too helpful if they stayed near you.

Good point thanks :slight_smile: