Amo - surreal VR experience

Amothe dreams & nightmares of a polyhedron

A surreal VR experience for the Oculus Rift DK2. Made with UE4. Early 2015 release.

Will also support non-VR play. And we’ll try any other UE4-supported platforms.

We’re just getting started. But we’re keeping the idea simple, and hope to have it done in a month or so (taking into account Hofstadter’s law). We’re hoping to iterate quickly, so we can put out lots of VR experiences this year.

More info and media as the project continues!

Follow this thread or ]() if you want to track our progress. Art/assets by .

Questions welcome. Thanks for your time.

We’re making good progress. Eventually we’ll make exciting gifs or videos, to better show off Amo’s dream world. But right now we’re just fleshing out the scenes, and building the assets. Two scenes down, six to go.

Once I start making it all work in VR (in the DK2), I’ll be sure to share my experiences and lessons learned.

Also, the Unreal Dev Grants are exciting. Thanks, Epic! We’re already carefully planning our next project :wink:

One new screenshot this week:

Amo and the player trapped between facing worlds.

Hi UE4 forums. We’ve been working hard on Amo.

We’ve decided the game will be a collection of VR screensavers. The player watches strange things happen around them, for as long as they want, and can move on when they’re ready. There will be no other interaction. Even with this simple “game,” we’re learning a lot, and we’re excited to finish.

I’m learning a lot about the engine which was the whole point of making this game, so yay! But the big thing I’ve learned is just how great the engine is at letting me play:

It’s really fun to explore and play in UE4, and it’s productive. Dylan, my friend and artist, has done an amazing job making all the assets I’ve asked for. Now it’s my turn to put it all together in UE4. And what’s great about the engine is how quickly I can try things, and how quickly I can realize “this just isn’t going to work… this is a bad idea!” But I can so easily begin to try new things. To rapid prototype different compositions, and different actor behavior. And each time I have found something that works. Something better!

This is not a new phenomenon in art, and I believe it’s the sign of any great tool that an artist can quickly iterate and play and can naturally express with it. And so far UE4 is truly proving to be a great tool. I just like being in the engine. It feels good.

Here are some new screenshots:

Thanks for your time. Questions welcome.

Amo has been officially released. Yay!

Details and download link.