Amnesia styled object dragging- Use Physic Constraint Physical Asset Constraint?


I Have been doing some research on the best way to implement a system to drag physical objects arround very much the same mechanic Amnesia:The Dark Descent has

Here is an example, a Shelf that due to its weight cant be dragged but the lower doors can be opened using the mouse ( dragging them )

I could either Turn the shelf into a static mesh, export both of the lower doors as separate meshes , turn them into a staticmeshactor and add a Physical Constraint Actor to both of them and parent them to the main shelf


Keep the shelf as a static mesh and just add another physical constraint point on both of them so they rotate properly, as well tweak the Physical Asset weight both methods work just fine , im just not sure what would be the best way to go ahead with this


How exactly have you even gotten this to work? I can’t even get object interaction working the way it should (same as Amnesia as well).

I got it to work easly by using a UPhysicalConstraint Component, I just pass in the component i got from a trace done from the player Mouse Cursor (up to a reasonable distance ) and disable it once the player releases the “Hold” Key You can see an example of it on the Content Examples demo, Blueprint level

Nice, I haven’t thought of doing it that way. You should really make a tutorial or something for physical interaction, there are a TON of questions that have either half answers or just flat out bad ones. Could be really helpful to people new to the blueprint system (like myself).