Amnesia style Physics and Inventory System?

I’m really new to UE4 learning has proved to be very difficult. I want to implement a physics(Picking up objects, throwing them, dropping them etc…) and Inventory system into the game. Any Ideas or tutorials i could be directed too?

For people not familiar with the inventory I’m talking about.

Watch some tutorials (and follow them recreating everything)

Blueprints communication:
Now gun example that traces what it hit:
When you know all above you can make “gravity gun” from HL. Instead of just moving up or left objects make them physics enabled and apply force or impulse.

Inventory system is another can of worms, for now better focus on physics and blueprints. You kind of need to know blueprints communication to start with umg (ie user interface),
so best course is learning all that first while doing physics and basic gameplay. However make some very simple umg hud (but do not shoot for inventory yet).

Stuff you should know before going for inventory in umg:
casting, arrays, event dispathcers, blueprint interfaces,

Things that help and make cleaner code:
Macros, function library, data structs,