AMMPAC - Advanced Mesh Morphing [SUPPORT]

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Any real application on what it can do?

Let’s suppose you’re creating a car game and you want the car to take damage by using a skeletal mesh’s morph targets. AMMPAC lets you create an hitbox that ,once per hit, will calculate the new morphing value for the specified morph targets. It also allows you to attach those skeletal meshes to other components using UE4 Physical Constraints. Also once the morph target or the morph targets reach their maximum value, it will also allow you to break some specific constraints allowing you for example to make a damaged door half-open and dangling or it can simply detach from its root mesh.

How does it work?

Pratically, what this plugin do is, once you configured it properly, Attach (if specified) the skeletal meshes to their parent using physical constraints you specified, create hitboxes and whenever they get hit it will calculate the amount of damage based on the hit it received and apply new values to the morph targets. Once all the specified morph targets reach their maximum value a physical constraint can be broken or the plugin can also detach the entire mesh from its parent (like in a real car, if for example the left door gets hit badly it can fall to the ground).

Does it work for blueprint only projects?

Yes it does

**Here’s a screenshot of a car managed by AMMPAC :
0 Damage taken

100% damage taken on the right side

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