Ammo Reloading Blueprint Error

Hi, so I’ve set up some basic script to allow the player to reload their weapon. The script works fine as long as max ammo is greater than magazine size. Even after this statement becomes false, the max ammo gets deducted correctly, but the issue I’m having is that the max ammo is not correctly adding onto ammo. I know from the screen capture that I’m simply adding the amount of ammo fired onto the ammo, but if I try to add max ammo to ammo the script will result in the values simply adding 0 + 0. I’m super confused and have absolutely no idea how to fix this :frowning: Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hey, i think i found the issue, you should not include ammos already in magazine in MaxAmmo, so i made some modification and i found this script :

Hope this help,

This works! Thank you so much, for some reason my brain couldn’t get around this :frowning: