Ammo pickup wont work

Ok the issue is i create ammo and i created an ammobox but when my total ammo goes over the max ammo carry it dosent set it to my max ammo carry witch is annoying here a screenshot the comment “here” is the function to set total ammo to max ammo carry.
Please tell me how to fix it.

2nd Screenshot of 2nd half

3nd Sreenshot of whole graph

The problem is, that you are checking this in the OnTick event, but use a reference from the cast node, that is invalid in the Tick event. I would also put this in the PlayerCharacter blueprint in a custom event (or function if you need a return value). Here’s an example implementation:

Custom event in your PlayerCharacter:

Call in you ammo box blueprint:

Also, if you are sure the max ammo value is static, you can remove it completely and use the value range instead.


thanks i allready found out how to do it but ur way looked alot simpler i will use this way in the future but thanks.

also if u can please check out this: and tell me how to fix it.