Ammo Counter not working.

I’m working on an ammo counter, and I’m new to blueprinting so I may be doing something obviously wrong here.
The logic is supposed to take away how many bullets are left from the mag-size to give me the amount I need to remove from the overall stock pile of ammo. But when subtracting the two int’s away, it only returns a value of 0 no matter what.

MagSize - 10
TotalAmmoAmount - 40
AmmoInMag - 5

so the math should work out as such, 10 - 5 = 5, 40 - 5 = 35. But the 10 - 5 segment is only returning a 0.

You’re setting the ‘Ammo in Mag’ to be the ‘Mag Size’. So basically these amounts are the same. Therefore, when you are subtracting ‘Ammo in Mag’ from ‘Mag Size’, you are getting 0.

So if Mag Size was 10 for example, then you have now made ‘Ammo in Mag’ to be the same. So ‘Mag Size (10) - Ammo In Mag (10)’ = 0.

Hope that helps.

Holy ■■■■ I am an idiot! Thanks! Hahaha I totally forgot about order of operations. :rolleyes:

lol, all good. We’ve all been there.