Ammo count goes to 0 when switching weapon (HUD only)

After various testing, I figured out that my HUD, for some reason, can’t display the new weapon’s ammo stats. I know that the ammo variables work, because the mag empties correctly etc, I also tested via print function. But the first time I change to a new weapon, the counter in the HUD goes to 0. I checked that Weapon Reference updates correctly to the newly equipped weapon and it does. So I really don’t understand what’s missing. If you need more screenshots just tell me!

So the max ammo turns to zero?

Yeah both my current mag and reserve mags go to zero. But again: the code works correctly, it’s just the HUD that isn’t able to get the new ammo information from the new Weapon blueprint.

After changing weapon call a function on hud and set the ammo manually !(I have a function called NotifyAmmoChange(int current ammo , int max ammo))