Ammo bar NOT working any help?

Ok so im using 4.12 and having an issue making a widget update the screen to show less ammo.
however you will see in the video that it DOES show after the out of ammo branch is thrown.
why is it not updating every time i fire my gun it is not showing untill i run out of bullets.

Hi Frostic,

In your ‘getpercent’ functions, try dividing your ammo & health by 100 and feeding this into the return.
If you do not divide by 0, any ammo value whole number above >= 1 will show a full bar as this is 100% or greater.

Hope this helps!

just a guess.

because you don’t use percentage properly. value for percentage is (current value ammo/max ammo) if you just use the ammo counter it will always be greater or equal to 1 (so the fill bar will always be full) until ammo is 0, thats where the bar is empty.

YES!!! it works. Good job! Nice! THANK YOU!!! it only shows half the bar but works for me! now that the system works.
instead of having the Bar i’ll have floating 3d bullets that follow the characters movements and every 20 that they have in the clip it will delete
1 bullet. might look really cool in VR if i make it follow the bone animation too! i did not know that about progress bars. maybe i need to read up a bit more on them

Glad it is working now Frostic.
Just remember when working with percentages, anything above 1 will be >100% so always divide by 100.

Hi i know this is very old thread but i have same issue ammo bar is filled half if i reduce size it doesnt work , any suggstions