Ammo and skills

hello everyone i have an ammo system setup for my skills and spells and i have it added as shown in the picture below.
Now i know if i go my current route with the addition of more skills after awhile this is going to get very messy is there a cleaner way i can add them so as not to clog up all that space?

and this is the function for the addition of ammo in my hud

Its probably going to take up a fair bit of space if you keep your initialisation values for each skill in blueprint.

Some ideas to make it smaller are:

  1. Use a sequence node then each skill is another pin out of the sequence (creates a lot of vertical space instead of horizontal).
  2. Put the initialisation script into a function so it can be moved out of the event graph at least.
  3. You can also use the right-click “collapse nodes” functionality to condense the nodes into one.

These are all sort-of bandaids though, a different solution is to move these initialisation values for each skill into a data table and then iterate that data table in blueprint to setup each skill appropriately. This may require some refactor of your code though. Note, if you do make a data table they don’t have to have their columns defined in C++ as the docs imply, instead you can do it all in editor by making a custom struct too.