Amma: Chronicles of lost stars - wip thread

Hi everyone,

I’d like to introduce our game Amma: Chronicles of lost stars, an action-RPG set in an ancient civilization and where exploration, narration, and music will have a significant part. We are Joinplay Games, a small team of developers, and creatives working on the project.
Let’s share with you what we have done so far. we will regularly share the progress of the game on this thread.

Youn can find out more about Amma: Chronicles of lost stars through our social pages:

Update #1: Concept Arts | Story

One of the funniest moments at the very early stage of the project was when Daniel our concept artist created the basis of the universe of our game and the characters.
The story is inspired by Dogon mythology (The Dogon are a tribe living in a desert land of Mali). The venture will take you through various levels that were inspired by great Africa kingdoms of the ancient era. The levels will also feature secret locations where one might wonder, what would they stumble upon… friend or foe, treasure, or trap?

During the game, you’ll discover several cultures and you’ll be at the heart of some conflicts, you’ll be accompanied in his quests by endearing and mysterious characters, as well as traitors, without forgetting the gigantic deities that will support and help you during the journey.

Great theme, great look, great genre !
That would definetly be something i’d spend time playing :slight_smile:

Thanks @silik1. We’ll update more about the game during the upcoming days.

Update #2: The 3D Creation process and pipeline

For the vertical slice of the game, we create the 3D version of some of our creatures. Gitonga, our 3D character artist brings a big smile on our faces, giving form to concepts art we did when developing the storyline.

3D Character Dev

Update #3: Quixel Megascans + Mixer = Huge time saving for assets texturing (still in editing :wink: )

Michel prepared the weapons of the main hero of Amma: Chronicle based on the Dogon mythology.

Some references of antique African weapons

I am looking for to your game, it looks promising :smiley:

Great job,That’s a real work of art.

Great Job, look forward to it

Update #4: let there be Unreal Engine 4.

First preview after six months of development


Loving it!!!

I really love your character design. and looking forward to see what the game will look like;).

It looks promising. The concept design is great

It looks really nice! Can’t wait to see more! :slight_smile:

Update #5: Base of combat system | Animations - Testing weapons

The fighting phases take up a large part of the adventure. the combat type in Amma: Chronicles of lost stars is a melee, combined with hack and slash using ancient weapons, that the player will be able to craft during the venture.

some snapshot testing weapons :wink:

Totally awesome! +Sub for sure.