Amking multigenre game of sorts

hey all I am TOTALLY new to ue4 and game making.
I am hoping to find a small group willing to make a vision come true. the issue is I want to make 1 game that crosses 3 genres. FPS, RTS and MMORPG (the RPG element is the basis of the game the rest is helpful)
from there I am looking at making customisable units (for the RTS part) and then lastly have conditions on weapons and skills that kinda make the game truly unique.
if done well then it might work… if done badly then the likelihood the team that helps out will curse my name for years to come.

so my questions to everyone
A)is this possible? even on a small scale
B)is there anyone willing to jump in and help? (by help I mean do the majority of the work lol, actually I want someone who is willing to teach me as we go through so I can help out)
C)lastly is what type of team are we looking at? I mean I know ideally I would like a graphic designer (or 50 for the amount of items to go in) someone to help with each of the genres and then some testers but is there more to it?

a. sure
b. sure
c. sure

Yea it’s possible. There is a really small chance that this will happen. But to maximize your chance of success I would start off doing something else.

First of all, welcome to the community and sorry for every sarcastic comment. But it happens way too often that someone with no experience wants to fulfill his dream of being a gamedev by creating a mmorpg.

a.) Really small chance.
b.) I would like you to use the search function and search for mmorpg. You will find dozens of people like you, maybe you can team up and start something huge.
c.) That’s not easy to answer. You need 3D, graphic and sound artists, game designers, programmers, maybe text-writers and so on.

At the end, please do something else first. Just try to get into the engine by doing something small by yourself. You will see how hard even small things are.

+1 SchnitzelDude
I spent 2 months of learning c++ and 3 months of blueprint tutorials and now im trying to make a game, but i cant solve just basic things…

If you really want to do games, take your time and start with basic things…
For example, im not focused now on making game, but just on gameplay parts… like lifts, time spheres, material tricks etc… making full playable game need year+ time…