Amityville '76 - Horror / Exploration

Amityville '76

This is a solo project I’ve been working on in my free time,currently on interactive mechanics and the first pass environment modelling stage -lighting is work in progress and some models need updating as put together the areas of the house and after that’s complete will work on polishing shaders and lighting.The eventual style will also make use of Unreal’s color grading and post processing to give it a 1970’s feel.


In 1976 the owners of the Amityville house fled their home,abandoning belongs in the middle of the night they claimed the house was possessed by an evil and dangerous entity. In the months following an investigation was launched by local news and a group of paranormal researchers led by the Warrens (The Conjuring) was conducted. You take the opportunity to enter the house alone and investigate of the events were real or a hoax in hopes of finding the truth.


Explore a full recreation of the house and its grounds. Built using photo reference the game recreates as much detail as possible including furniture,wallpapers and items. You will be able to open every drawer and closet,examine items to discover the history of the house and visit the much talked about ‘red room’.The emphasise of the game will be on building atmosphere and tension as you progress and uncover the homes history and start to experience the haunting first hand.

**WIP screenshots taken over the last few weeks **









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Facebook https://www.facebook./AmityvilleGame/

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Oooooh neat. I really love horror environments :smiley:

Wow, that is absolutely amazing! The detail is so realistic its creepy. As someone whose familiar with the real story, it looks exactly what the real house looked like. Not the Hollywood version of the house, but the actual one in Amityville, NY where the murders took place. Even the wallpaper is disturbingly accurate. You just totally nailed it, creepy as hell, brilliant work!

Thanks for the replies. I’m working on getting it as close to the real environment as possible while still being playable,currently updated a lot of props,filling out each room gradually.

I’m experimenting each day with the lighting setup trying different looks and effects since most lights are interactive it will take a while to hit the right look.

Here’s some updated and work in progress images of various areas-






Some recent work. Starting on some fx elements for the game plus working on exterior lighting,adding landscape detailing and filling out the kitchen with smaller items to make it feel more lived in.
I’ve been looking at post processing in more detail and separating out areas to get the look I want for the exterior / interior,plus a little .gif experimenting.






Fantastic job, Looks Stunning.

Looks amazing!!! :smiley:

Who does the modeling and materials? Do you?

Thanks for the comments.

Yes,I’m doing almost all the models / materials. I’m basing most of the props,fabrics and wallpapers on the actual house items (hunting down original items from photos) so it all has to be custom made,there’s a few assets store items but just things and even those I’ve had to make changes to. A lot of the environment is a first pass at the moment as I get everything in the right place,will add more dirt and wear to it once everything major is added.

Awesome! It looks fantastic!

This week I’ve been getting a lot of the interactive elements in place - doors,cabinets,drawers,windows- there’s a lot. I’ve also been working on event system for key moments in the gameplay and experimenting with the best way of doing that.
Made a couple of .gifs mostly just to keep myself amused and to take my first look at Matinee / Sequences.



Really Loving this.

Like I mentioned on TIGSource (amanfr01, here :slight_smile: ), this is all absolutely stunning.

With the recent “Stranger Things” nailing the 80’s vibe you’re doing swell for the 70’s. I’m really looking forward to this!

Hi, Any updates? I am really looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Have you even been to the actual house in Long Island New York?
This game looks dope. I live away from the real house. Not sure if you would like some angles or some sort of shot. I can take great pictures.
Regardless, Great Idea!!!

Been a while since I updated,the project is still in progress but moving slowly off and on. Recently been adding some game play and working on adding atmosphere and various fx,also experimenting with the Nvidia 360 panorama image exporter.The aim eventually is to get a interactive promotional trailer made for Youtube 360 / VR but need to get more stable frame rate before then.

Below are a couple of test images which can be interacted with on the Facebook page https://www.facebook./AmityvilleGame/



No I havent been there,using a lot of old photos and even a bit of google maps to get as much info as possible.The house interior was recently photographed also so I will be adjusting my model to match what those show / be more accurate.

Well done you have nailed it. It looks exactley like the real thing cannot wait to play this when finnished good work. Please take a look at my game nothing left when you have thanks.

So realistic


Well done

Wow this looks amazing! :eek:

Man, this looks so great! :slight_smile:
Are you modeling “by hand” or using some kind of photogrammetry? It looks very realistic :slight_smile:
For materials, what software do you use?
Thanks a lot and, please, keep this awesome job :slight_smile: