American Football Game Advice

I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting a Football game project using the UNREAL engine. My background is in C#, VB, SQL, etc… web development, but I’ve worked for EA Sports as a tester and I’ve messed around with some C++, Graphics programs, Unity, and more.

I’d love to hear some advice from experience developers out there to point me in the right direction to begin with the basics and start a game. For starters, I would like to build a field and a player with running animations and moves being my first quest. I’d love to get the momentum and physics of a player running around the field built up to a certain quality before moving on to full 11 on 11 game play.

I also know making a FULL game is a MASSIVE undertaking, but I would at least like to start with the basics as a hobby and chew one bite at a time before getting ahead of myself on a full game. I would love to shoot for a game like NFL 2K5 or APF 2K8 or even BackBreaker, but those are monumental targets.

I just want to get started and see where the path takes me! :slight_smile:

Hey my friend I have been trying to do a start up as well for a couple years. I have papers and outlines for a new American football Game. While reading this I just noticed your name KingJAvo. Ive used your editor once or twice :slight_smile: Seriously lets get together right now I have imported a basic field into Unreal along with a female character basic locomotion and a football the character can kick around using the built in physics. A lot more to do but we can assemble more people. It’s gonna be great.

Hey! I’m just a spectator that has read your last two forum posts, I hope you and whoever else you have gathered in your team is working on this game! I would love to see a finished product from you guys, I’m honesty tired of games like Madden, and have always dreamed of making my own football game like you guys because I believe it could be done better!!! I hope to see something from you guys! KEEP UP THE WORK! (If you’re still working on it)