Amd vs nvidia.....??

Just a fast question, Im not asking for a fight on this, But Is Nvidia really the best for development? Im useing a AMD 7700 and its great on games but I cant hardly DO ANY high level stuff with building games…Nvidia has TONS of cards!!! What type model do I need ??? I have 8 core FX, with 28GB DDR3 ram with 2T HDD…If that helps…

My game needs pysics and Cuda ect…

UE4 currently does not take any advantages of either type of GPU, they want to make sure that whatever features they have work correctly no matter what graphics card you have.

I don’t know if anyone’s actually compared performance between the different cards and UE4, at the moment it can make a difference in other games. Their cards are actually quite close in performance vs. cost, though I prefer Nvidia.

The leading Nvidia cards are just a bit stronger than the amd ones as far as I Remer.And amd’s are louder. But I think Nvidia’s are a little bit more expensive. I prefer Nvidia, also because of the tooling they provide,and all their technologie’s (like gameworks).

i prefer nvidia
you can see the difference

your card isn’t strong enough for Unreal it’s not a matter of it being AMD an equivalent card from Nvidia will also not perform well , For example AMD R9 290x will perform better than the vast majority of Nvidia’a cards except for some few top end cards like the 980ti and titan x and 980
anyway i’ll also buy Nvidia but there is no better card it’s a matter of choice.