AMD vs NVIDIA GPUs for game development

I am getting into game development and was building a new PC. RDNA3 has just been announced and NVIDIA’s 4090 is already in the market. Since NVIDIA GPUs are expensive as hell, AMD GPUs are looking much better to me but I am not sure how the lack of CUDA cores and other things which AMD GPUs lack when compared to NVIDIA, will affect the game development.
Are there things that I will not be able to do at all on AMD GPUs or will perform much worse on AMD GPUs other than ray-tracing?
Does unreal engine support ray-tracing development on AMD GPUs at all?
Are there any NVIDIA-only things that will limit my work if I go with AMD GPU?

Thank you


It depends. I see it more as a matter of style than anything else. I would say: use whatever you like. I use Radeon videocards since around 8 years now to do archviz work and I have no problems at all. Yes, I have less options on the software side, but there are solutions for everything anyway. I’m currently using mainly Blender and Twinmotion and I don’t care if my Cycles renders are slower than if I were using Optix; Eeevee goes quite fast which is what I’m using to do around %80 of the work. Also, Twinmotion, the pathtracer works flawlesly on my rdna2 card here. I’m not using UE5 so I can’t confirm on the raytracing stuff, but as said, in my opinion, use wathever you like, either way you’ll be able to get the work done.

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