AMD Ryzen 5900x and NVIDIA 3090


I am preparing a PC for using with the upcoming UE5. I have looked for AMD ryzen 9 5900x 16 core and nvidia rtx 3090 with 64 Gb. Does it really worth to have a 16 core since I have read that the maximum used by the software is 12? Will UE5 be completely optimized for 16 cores?

I am thinking on this, with 12 cores:

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Is also worth a 3090 instead of a 3080 TI? How does it affect lumen or raytracing choosing one or another. My target is to make films, not games, btw…

About number of cores, the 5900x is a 12 core/24 thread, and you will want the more you can afford, because there are lots of tasks that will use as many cores as you have available. Even if a specific software does not use all the amount of cores, you will probably have other tasks from OS and several other applications opened simultaneously that will use the remaining cores. With this processor you will be totally fine.

About the graphics card, if you plan on making film, the 3090 is better because the amount of VRAM which is the double when compared with the 3080Ti. This GPU will last longer, so you will also be totally fine with it.

A good piece of advice is to choose bellow the memory to be 2 x 32GB memory sticks instead of the 4 x 16GB memory sticks, this will allow you to have room to expand the memory in the future, otherwise it will be a waste of memory sticks if you ever want to have more memory in the future, unless you can afford 4 x 32GB right now, but that will really depend if you will ever need that much for your workflow.

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Thanks a lot for your reply!