AMD Rysen

You can check further info from Google but looks like my new UE4 CPU is basic AMD Ryzen 7 1700 with mITX board and RX470 8GB(that i have now already), you can discuss your opinions here too.

Just wait a couple days and check the benchmarks and see how they really perform.

I want to know the performance gain/loss it will have specifically on this engine. Not sure if UE4 is specific to Intel. Would be thrilled to know the details on this subject matter, as I plan to buy it specifically for UE4. Currently looking over an “AMD” search on the forum to get more of a historical background regarding issues using AMD products.

UE4 has nothing designed specifically for Intel, pretty much no software is designed like that.

Assuming all the benchmarks are accurate…the Ryzen will be an absolute no-brainer for anyone developing in UE4. 8 cores and 16 threads for (less than?) half the price of the Intel equivalent.

Looks like the performance is pretty great–while CPU doesn’t have a huge impact on gameplay, it will affect development more since it would help with compiling code and building lighting. Also good news because this will force Intel to make better processors and adjust pricing, which is already happening.

Thank you for continuous discussions, gives me and people in here to decide if AMD really made leap this time in CPU world or not. I am not millionaire to buy “nuclear” pc but just a simple middle class hardware. Currently my i7 4770 + rx 470 which i got both second hand works great with UE4. Power efficiency is important to me.

Is it worth to get Ryzen for UE4 gamedev? We all know that 8 cores are great for it but according to benchmarks - what about weak performance in games? In the end we are just making games. So how ryzen will behave?

Like I said, for development it will work great since building lighting will take advantage of as much speed as it can, gameplay doesn’t run better with the CPU at 100% so that’s a different case. If you have an older system and are looking for a higher-end upgrade then the Ryzen CPU’s are a good value. I’m mostly curious though how Intel will change their development plans.

If you use the Intel high-performance libraries (Math Kernel Library, Intel Performance Primitives, etc) then those are tuned very well for Intel CPUs, but fall back to a slow path (much slower than just running the tuned Intel code would do) if it’s not on an Intel CPU. Those libraries generally test for specific CPU models, rather than just feature bits, to achieve this “Intel lock-in.”

Performance in playing games is different to performance in making games. An 8-core Ryzen will be much nicer to work with UE than a 4-core I7, even if the i7 will run the finished game a little bit faster.

Some important info explaining the poor gaming performance of Ryzen CPUs so far.

Just looked this up to find some feedback about Ryzen & UE4 and came across your post …
Can you please clarify what “poor performance” means for you? its round about 15% slower then the fastest available gaming CPU, the 7700k. And that only in specific games. I dont think thats “poor performance” at all :slight_smile:

Since im always waiting for ages on recompiling shaders, ill probably give it a try soon … maybe even when the HEDT CPUs come out with 16C/32T.
Just hope epic didnt mess up as they did (and still do) with AMD GPU performance, they claim neutrality until this day (insert echo of laughters here).

Eh I guess I’m a bit late to reply.

I guess I meant poor as in less than expected, at least in some games.
Oh course it’s not actually BAD.