AMD Hardware for Unreal Engine

Can I achieve professional results and high performance with AMD hardware?
What do you think about AMD FX + AMD Radeon R7/R9?

As I haven’t 3DS Max, I use Blender so I can’t create pre-broken meshes. Can I use however PhysX SDK and PhysxLab for prebroken models?
Or, is it possible to use Nvidia GPU + AMD CPU?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I think most people would prefer Intel+Nvidia
but UE4 is designed so that all features work on both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards

Do we know how much of an impact multithreading has on the editor?
It works well for me with my R9 280x and i5 3570k. If multithreading is important, i would definitely say you should get an 8 core FX cpu. If it isn’t, you should be good with an K series i5.

I run fine with FX6300 and R7 260x…

Yes, you can:

Some Intel parts lists here.

Multithreading isn’t necessarily a big deal, there’s more that determines the speed of a processor. And in the case of AMD, they have really high stats, but real-life performance is not as good.

Im not talking about the speed of the processor in general, im talking specifically for UE4.
If multithreading doesnt have much impact on developing with UE4, that’s interesting

UE4 supports multithreading, but having more cores isn’t necessarily going to improve speed

So vague… doesn’t really tell me anything. I know it wont necessarily improve speed, is there anywhere i can find information about whether or not it will, and what aspects of the editor would be affected by it?

What about PhysX SDK and PhysxLab?
Could someone having a AMD GPU try PhysxLab (it’s free) and report the performance?
Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

i haven’t problems with r9-290. i5-4570 and UE4

I install the other day Physx maya plugin, but i have other prioritys now and finnally not check, when i can i report if someone not do before.

I also doubt if going to have problems. No idea.

From what I’ve understood (from your bad english :D), a couple of days ago you’ve installed the PhysX Plugin. Okay. What about PhysXLab?
I can’t create pre-broken meshes in Maya because I haven’t access to this software (it costs a lot).
Please can you download PhysxLab and verify for me? Thank you, I will do something for you next time. :slight_smile:

Hi Sabino,

Yes. There is no issue using PhysXLab with AMD. Just because the tech is from Nvidia does not mean that it’s running solely on the GPU. Anything GPU related needs to be integrated and licensed directly from Nvidia to work.

There should be no performance difference between a compariable AMD and Nvidia GPU.


Thank you Tim :slight_smile:

You have to check benchmarks, because going off the stats is only going to give a general idea of performance. What can end up happening is that you end up with a large number of cores with a low clock speed and that might be slower than a processor with a low number of cores and a higher clock speed. And then there’s AMD vs. Intel. If you compare a processor with the same stats, the Intel processor will be faster. I don’t know why AMD has such high stats and poor performance, but that’s one of the problems.