AMD GPU Render Bug UE4 4.14


I have some problem for play on days of war. It is always flickering weight blue.

I send wou the link from my video : bug texture amd crimson scintillement bleu - YouTube

On this link you can find the error code :

Could you please check ?

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Hello Epic, i am a developer of this game using UE4 4.14, and this player is running the game on the following specs:

Processor: AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 12
Card name: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series

I asked him to post a bug report here, as the bug appears to be also in a stock engine project that we tested too.

If additional information is required please let me know.

Hey guys,

So in order to report this as a bug, I am going to need a way to reproduce it in a new blank project. From looking at the video, it could be a number of issues like your GPU driver for the specific engine version or just a rendering setting.

Could you provide me with steps so I can get the flickering to occur on my end?

I will need the users full ‘dxdiag’ as well as any other information that might hint towards how you believe the flickering is occurring.

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Here is the DxDiag. should also provide the driver version. We tested a blank packaged project and the shipped game on steam both ran on 4.14 without adjusting any settings. I asked the player to update his Drivers but that did not solve it, so i assume it should be related to the AMD GPU used.

If anyone more Information comes up i will post it here, but hopefully that dxdiag is enough to figure out a way to reproduce it.

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As I mentioned, I would need a way to reproduce this issue on my end in order to begin to understand what could be occurring. As it stands, I have no way of getting this flickering to occur on my end. So it falls on the users to narrow down steps in order for us to address the situation.


Hello Andrew,

Sadlyt here are no real steps to achieve the render bug, it seems to be tied to the GPU card shown in the pictures above, changing windows, drivers and more all results in the same issue.

If you play the game on a different GPU, I am assuming it does not occur?

Getting this crash to occur in a blank project and/or narrowing down the repro steps, I can find a compatible or similar GPU to test with in order to see what could be occurring.


It seems to be tied to the posted GPU Hardware, everything else works fine. So if you can aquire the same hardware for testing it should instantly happen in any blank project ran on 4.14.

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I think a moment or an other i will post this bug on big pc forum that this UE hqve big nice bug to genere biseness bei NVID and Amd…

If you can provide something that fonction… It is writen that me card fonction with this game…

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Ps time to be postet on youtube; hardware 01net qnd other 1 week … Ps i am admin on this all site and make regulary post…

Hey guys,

Unfortunately we have not been able to reproduce the issue internally. This honestly might be something on AMD’s end that you need to contact them for more support.

Unless we can get a minimal project in which this reproduces on any hardware on our end, then there is not much in the way of entering a bug report. Let me know if you have further questions.