AMD FSR plugin

I have enabled AMD FSR plugin and by default it is on. I tried to turn it off with
r.FidelityFX.FSR.Enabled 0 console command (in blueprint) but it doesn’t turn it off. There is no video or example how to turn FSR on and off in blueprint either. Only way to turn it off now, is by disabling the plugin. How can I disable FSR at runtime in blueprint ?

If you check the readme on github, it mentions several things. (Must login to view)
I don’t know if you are on 4.27, but 4.26 you have to use:


to enable and disable FSR

I noticed no mention at the regular AMD GpuOpen site for 4.27 plugin.

Thanks for the reply.
Setting r.FidelityFX.FSR.PrimaryUpscale 0 doesn’t disable FSR either (4.27.2 (with 4.27.1 plugin download)). Maybe they have some special command for 4.27 versions.

r.FidelityFX.FSR.Enabled 0 console command actually turns off the fsr. I was confusing screen percentage commands (which are Unreal engine commands) as fsr plugin commands.