AMD drivers crash

i have looked at that
everytime its crashed ive opened chrome after restarting and had a look, ive tried everything but the downgrade because i saw someone else had the issue on a 380 nd went back as far as the oldest driver supporting it with no fix

whenever i am using the editor my AMD display drivers are crashing meaning i have to restart my pc. If this was happening occasionally i wouldnt mind but it happens frequently, even if im not running any programs in the background. Ive already read through a load of similar threads but they all say to update drivers and im already using the latest ones. I have an r9 380x if that helps at all, thank you.

I had the very same issue and I couldn’t wait for a fix, so I got a 970… BUT, looks like this should do the trick:

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Are you on driver version 16.3.1? That seems to be the latest fix on that thread that linked (as of a few days ago).


yes i am using the latest drivers, since i posted this i found out its generally whenever im doing things with static meshes that cause the crash though

And UE4 doesn’t throw any kind of crash report? Can you send me the logs for your project? Specifically for an editor session that crashes. These are found in Project/Saved/Logs


link text
the drivers just crash and dont recover so i end up having to restart my computer, it just happened again and this is the most recent log.

Unfortunately, the log doesn’t really indicate anything. This occurs on any project, even a blank one? Also, when you installed your latest driver, did you do a clean install? Meaning you blow away the old version with the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility and the Display Driver Uninstaller, then follow the steps in the other AnswerHub post linked by TeaK421.

Can you attach your dxdiag as well?


it doesnt occur on blank projects, but i know for a fact it did on the third person template. Turning the shadows to low did seem to make it a lot less rare though.
yeah, it was, the only thing i did since then was change the graphics card im using, but they use the same drivers.

Please clean install for the new card (even though it’s the same drivers) and send me a dxdiag. Still, this is likely something that’ll have to be fixed on AMD’s end.

i have done a clean install, and here is my dxdiag.
[1]: 84630-dxdiag.txt (73.9 KB)

Let’s try a few things. Display driver crashes can happen for a few reasons outside of a software conflict.

  1. Try a different PCIe slot for your GPU
  2. Overheating (Use a hardware temp monitor to check it)
  3. Ensure that your Power Supply isn’t being overloaded when the GPU is under load (you can use PowerSupplyCalculator)
  4. Outdated BIOS/Mobo Chipset Drivers