Amd Driver Crash?

the driver of my video card crashes when the editor and not giving signal to my monitor.
I have a Amd R9 380 4G with Windows 10.
Please help me I cannot work like this!

Sorry that you are having some many issues… I had an R9 380 and I had the same issue. It was horrible… I tried updated drivers…new builds, etc. and nothing helped. This is not the answer you were looking for, but I just ended up getting an 970… no issues at all.

Also, if you search around AnswerHub, you will notice this is an ongoing issue that has not been resolved…

I solved unistalling my driver and installing amd catalyst 15.11.1 beta!

This is GREAT news! Finally AMD has fixed this… You have made a lot of peeps days. I’ll post on the other thread too!

The Crimson Driver issues have been added to our Software Conflicts page.