AMD beats Intel first time in 13 years

Impressive didn’t think they had it in them.

Don’t believe anything from any company until the product gets released and you can get some unbiased reviews.

The youtube above is clearly marked ‘sponsored by AMD’… so… you know…
Btw, I am happy if AMD can come up with something good enough to challenge Intel domination which has been going on for good many years… which is not good for consumer. You can see that the improvement of the Intel chips over the years are just not substantial despite the name Cabylake, Skylake… I guess it is more to marketing…

^ well it is Linus who they invited so we are safe when it comes to him we know he tells the truth.

But yeah this is pretty good Intel has been sitting on their **** and charging high prices for poor CPUs more than half a decade now

Intel’s chips show fewer improvements by generation than they did in the past, because successive generations are now often iterative improvements and are released 12 months or less after the predecessor. Previously there were years between generations.


Hopefully this will throw AMD to the top again. (Being hopeful…)

And intel will charge a reasonable price for their stuff now. (Being REALLY hopeful.)

I am waiting for vega gpu.

That is only time Intel is God remember

Amd starting to look good again.

Hopefully this is true since Intel processors have always been more expensive. Some people need a more affordable option.