AMD and intel??

Good day!
I am very new to development, However I have some major goals.
Down the line I will need to rebuild my rig. (i Built in 2009)
I am very tempted to go with an AMD rig.
Will using AMD hinder my work in UE4??

Normally it shouldnt cause any problems :slight_smile:

Btw, take a look at this thread. There you can find many different PC specs + how well they run the UE4: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?20643-Official-Hardware-Performance-Survey

Interesting question as Intel chips generally are faster but with the advent of DX12 just on the horizon I’m wondering if the extra cores in AMD chips could make a difference?

However I think the GPU could be more of an issue with UE4.

If your rig works OK now maybe you should hold off to see where the dust settles after DX12!?

If wait for the next big update in PC tech, you’ll never buy anything! :slight_smile: There is always something else just round the corner.

Window 10 (DX12) out later this year apparently.

OpenGL Next hopefully should be announced this year.

Otherwise just assess your budget and check out the benchmarks on available hardware.

Thank you for the input. I was concerned that amd wouldn’t have the proper instructions.
My current rig can run the basics but I do push my tech.
Thanks agaiN! :slight_smile:

Seeing as an octo-core AMD CPU is equivalent to an Intel i5 you shouldn’t really have any problems at all. The only difference is that an Intel i7 or something may compile and render faster. I’m using an Intel i5 and haven’t experienced any slowdowns.