Ambitious Level Designers wanted for AAA style RPG (Dedicated Kickstarter Project)

Basic Info

I am looking for an intermediate level designer that’s capable of creating complex environments, everything will be given to
you by our 3D team regarding assets, you just have to make the world come to life, obviously you will be working closely with
our 3D Director and Concept Director to accomplish this so you will have a great understanding about the world, all I ask for an
experienced level designers in the Unreal Engine. We already have tons of positions that are working intensely on the game…
such as writers, programmers, character modelers, animators, riggers, sound design, the whole lot! Around 15 people working on this project

The game is a medieval first person role playing game, all single player and open world. Inspirations
for the game we are making are some of the basic titles in that genre… Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Etc

Email: with the following…

  1. Name
  2. Portfolio link
  3. Why you would be a good addition

This is a royalty based project and we plan on starting a the kickstarter this summer, people will get paid
if the game is successful, mostly likely it will be, we have a great business plan on how we are going to achieve this,
we have tons of guys who are dedicated to this project and we want to start up a company with this title, so its an easy
way into the industry if you are young group of guys like ourselves, we are all creatively driven and ambitious for game
development and we would like someone with that ethic as well.


VAGA Studios as an overall team is sick of the lack of artistic quality of indie games, our past experience
with projects all seem to conclude to the same disappointing outcomes. Unfortunately its becoming a
occurring problem within the community, with unfinished projects, terrible leaders, and just bad art in
general. So we as a team want to change this notion and set the bar for quality in the current state of
indie game development. We strive for the top quality in game development, with that comes a lot of
effort which we expect from everyone within the team.

Our 3D leads portfolio for anyone who is curious to of his background as a artist…

Also down below are some simple asset screenshots.

3D Directors Portfolio: ArtStation - Taylor Brandenburger