AmbientSoundSimpleSpline limited to 16?

I use AmbientSoundSimpleSpline for rivers on my map, to play the sound of water flowing.

I’ve just run into an issue whereby any new ones I add don’t make any sound. If I delete other ones on the map, then the new ones work.

When I count them up, it seems that any i add after 16 don’t work.

So does anyone know where this limit of 16 is being enforced. I was under the impression that if they were out of range from the player, then they would not be using any audio channels…

we used the AmbientSoundSimple on our creeks and I have 25 In one map and they are all working.

I also have many AmbientSoundSimple’s in my map. They seem fine. It seems it’s only the AmbientSoundSimpleSpline that I’m having this problem with.

Perhaps is the number limitation to use at the same time, in the soundcue properties.

@CobaltUDK I thought that too, but they were using wavs, not soundcues.

For the time being I have gotten around it by having a manager class to disable the audio component of sound splines at far distances, which is working ok.