Ambient Wind System

hello, finally the ambient wind system is released

The Unreal Engine’s native wind object “Wind directional source” will only affect apex cloth and speedtree objects.
This wind system affects all possible kinds of actors and objects.
Also, wind affected physical actors will be audible when moving. It is possible to trigger rolling or swinging movement sounds as also “OnHit” sounds.

The Windsystem works with an unbound wind zone and wind actors that react to this wind.
The wind zone is the class that creates the wind force. The wind actors are affected by the wind.
To actually have a physical object react to the wind it has to have a new “WindComponent” added to its blueprint components

AAA+ asset. Thanks for this :slight_smile: Can we expect an update to 4.15? There are errors when using the 4.14 on 4.15. Best to let the pro handle it :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good. .

And I will think about picking it up.

But why the Confederate flag in the video?

Guessing this isn’t replicated at all?

I will update it asap, however i believe i can get to it earliest by the weekend.

haha yes, i waited for this question since release. and here it is. it is an attempt to put some funny visual storytelling into the presentation.
having it like …lonely desert scene…free hugs…a confederate flag…these must be redneck massmurderers.

i’m from germany and we are not much into getting offended and stuff. i see that things in the us are kind of weird these days, sry if this was offending to you.

not yet, i’ll look into replication as soon as i update it to 4.15 this weekend. i see what i can do!

Did you have a chance to update to 4.15? Thanks

i already did over that weekend. also submitted it, but the marketplace did not respond yet. only the confirmation was going out, that my ticket will be processed. sorry mate!

oh and btw. i didn’t get a chance to look into replication. never did this though. need some help from friends for this.
i’ll keep this thread updated

Looks nice :slight_smile: Good luck with learning replication, it’s not fun XD You’ll get there though :slight_smile:

Great, thank you Aphexx.

I’m not seeing the update. Other assets have updated but this is still 4.14 latest.

the marketplace still has not answered about my ticket. i will ask about it directly. sry for the delay!

have them emailed again, twice! and tomorrow i will try to get Stephanie via discord. perhaps she can look into it.

Thanks Aphexx. Here’s to hoping!

@[PB]Aphexx - Hey really like the look of this, but just wondering if you ever managed to look into replicating it? I’d be interested in using it if it was replicated. I’m talking about the wind direction and direction changes and such. Obviously you wouldn’t replicate how all the actors respond to the wind. I think that would be up to the individual game. A lot of the time you wouldn’t bother. For example, it wouldn’t matter if things like flags and chains and such moved differently for each player as it is usually just aesthetic. It would be more important though to replicate the main wind direction and intensity changes so that all players have an overall consistent feel. I wouldn’t imagine this would be too hard as you would most likely just be replicating some of the blueprint variables I would think and then ensure that changes in wind direction and intensity only happen on the server.

hey @wilberolive. unfortunately i didn’t look into replicating this. i tried to understand this topic but since i am no programmer i am lost here :frowning: . so i’m very sorry this item is not made for replication.

This plugin looks great. Does it work with skeletal meshes too?

Tbh i did not test it with skeletal meshes. i’ll look into that at some point! Thx for the tip!

I also would love to know if it works with skeletal meshes. Cheers