Ambient Wind System

hello, i just submitted the Ambient Wind System.

This system works (unlike the “wind directional source”) with physics, with Apex cloth and Speedtree,
with particle effects and with the material world position offset (WPO) for the grasses

the documentation is not yet complete. i still have to show how to setup the separate windactors for use with all the above object types and procedures.

here is a teaser video for that.
also below is the link to the documentation.

please tell me what you think!

This looks indeed very nice :smiley:

I would like to see how the wind blows above a field of grass. Is it like this one?

I have read your blog post just now and noticed that an actor has to derive from one of your classes in order to be affected by wind.
This is in my opinion a no-go. You should be able to provide the functionality with an Actor Component. Would you care “fixing” that?

Btw, what do you think about the pricing?

Edit: If you need to derive from your class in order to provide a specific interface, then maybe just use a combination of Actor Components and Interfaces?

hey rYuxq,
the grass shader is not advanced currently but yes it is on my todo list and needs to be done. currently i only hand over a vector with a parameter collection, and it feeds additional WPO in the simple grass shader.
the limitation that we need a baseclass is something i want to fix yes. but i have to think about and test how to do this.
i want this package to be as solid as possible. the pricing will be 30€. it comes with all the textured assets as also all the sounds.
since this blueprint tries to synch many different systems actor/pfx/vertex shader/cloth i believe it will never be too accurate. therefore i only sell it as an ambient wind. it shall not be used for gameplay.

i just looked into the advanced grass shader project, and it is too advanced for me haha. i’m not too much into shader building. perhaps i can figure a simpler implementation that will at least not look that boring like the simple grass shader with additional WPO looks.
the grass project is free to download btw.

want now plz

Looks nice, but what about the smoke? Particles just go up or they change direction too?

they change direction too. if you want to have the wind affect any particle, you have to add an acceleration module and make it accessible by a parameter you call “wind”. that’s it. all pfx are fetched wether they are placed directly into the level or they are inside of an actor BP. also emitters that are spawned at runtime are taken into account when they have the acceleration module and the parameter

Looks great, especially teaser video has a cinematic feeling to it.

That’s nice. Looking forward to seeing you on Marketplace.:wink:

yeah! i am now entitled to send the package to epic for in engine review. the last days i refactored quite a bit and had the packaged kindly reviewed by two nice colleagues! thank you!
especially rYuxq gave some invaluable advice! thank you man! also olento gave some supercool advice and feedback! thank you!

i will now send what i have to epic and wait for approval.
the system is now way more open and easy to use, since it all relies on the new “wind component” and the windzone. there is no more a baseclass for a windactor.

for the time being i will continue working on the product and try making it even more easy to use. there is still some more room for a few features that will make it more valuable and also production safe.
i’ll post a new video soon.
thanks for your support!