Ambient sound


I’m stuck since 2 days trying to achieve an ambient sound

What i want is an Ambient Sound attached to an Audio Volume. When the player is inside the AudioVolume the sound is full volume, when he leaves the area the sound becomes lower accordingly to the ambient zone settings.

In other words i tried to reproduce example 1.10 provided in the “ContentExamples”

  1. Ambient zone settings
  • Exterior volume 1
  • Interior volume 0.1
    In this case it works well except that i want the opposite behavior
  1. Ambient zone settings inverted (what i want)
  • Exterior volume 0.1
  • Interior volume 1
    In this case it doesn’t work like the content example, whatever the player is inside or outside the AudioVolume, i get the same volume in both case ?

Any idea what’s wrong with my setup ?