Ambient environment sound based on volumes and not the basic attenuation shapes?

I’m hoping to find a way to have an ambient sound(such as wind) within a volume that I can edit the shape of. Currently it’s difficult to use the standard attenuation sphere/box/capsule method of fading in and out of different sounds for large areas, such as fading from a windy sound cue to a forest sound cue.

Not sure if anyone knows how CryEngine 2 accomplished this, but basically I could create a volume that would have a sound cue linked to it. The volume could have any amount of vertices/points that allowed the user to create shapes that conformed to the environment layout, and they could control how far the fading in/out of the sound was calculated based on distance.

The method used with a volume that has a controllable shape is very effective at blocking out the general audio areas as opposed to using a sphere/box/capsule that can’t conform correctly to the level layout, it basically makes it much more difficult to get really accurate ambient audio effects to line up and not have them overlapping in a way that isn’t realistic.

Any ideas? Tried searching everywhere for this information but so far I can’t find anything, I thought there might be a way to do it with the audio volume actor but that apparently is just for how reverb is controlled(and how sounds are interpreted inside/outside of the said volume).