Ambient Background Music Transitions

Im messing around with the ambient music that will in the background. I am very familiar with music production and have the track looping because I went into the cue blueprint connected the tracks wave player to a looping node and that’s output to the finishing node. It’s not a very clean transition, is there a way to smooth that out or adjust where the wave files meat up in the engine?

Is the with one file looping that is not transitioning properly when it finishes playing, or does affect all music tracks that you try to transition between?

Also are you getting a popping noise when it loops? I had that with a car horn sound where it didn’t quite match up properly, and ended up having to edit the wave file itself in order to start and end at the same frequency.

For music one thing that could help if you don’t mind a short pause between tracks would be to ensure there is 0.5-1 second of silence at the end of each track, that should avoid any abrupt transitions, but may not be what you are looking for.

Note: I edited the title of your post so that if there are any audio experts here they can find it quickly, is the correct section. :slight_smile:

yes there is a snap and then a delay and then it restarts the loop. unfortunately I need it to me an ease in style transition. Thank you that was a good idea. I’m not an expert but I do know my way around Reason.

One other thing I can suggest is to try out the new fMod plugin for UE4, it allows much more control over the audio playback if you are not able to get the right set up with the built in system. You can create custom mixes in their fMod studio program and then import them into UE4 for playback. Here is some more info on it:

alright I found a solution for it, I put a delay in between the output and the loop node. set the wave track to loop and then set the delay to -5 and when i did that it was a clean transition without any snaps, pops, or sudden stops (odd little rhyme). but im still gonna download fMod cause it might have something I could utilize in the future. thanks a lot and i’ll be sure to let you guys know if I don’t know where to post something (which is a lot).