Amazon Web Seervices and UE4


I’'ve been studying IT lately and one of the things I will be getting into next is Amazon Webservices (AWS).

For those who don’t know essentially it is a cloud computing service such as open stack and others that let you host a virtual machine in the cloud.

I’m wondering if AWS could be used with UE4 to setup game servers, I know that you would want to be able to optimize the game server to the absolute max to minimize costs and run it on a linux based server but I was wondering if anyone has thought about it?

Of course there would be lots of benefits to using the AWS database systems for global ladders and other sorts of things, but I’m mainly interested in the situation that I might have a small indie fps or something like that and be able to fire up servers around the world to get people playing it at some reasonable cost, or maybe create a MOBA style game for one of the monthly game jams.

Hi yes for Amazon AWS use the Free Tier for a basic Linux server. Otherwise use Spot Instances for cheapest servers. Reserved Instances and On-Demand Instances are more pricy. In general I hear good things about Linode.

I ran a CS: GO server for a (short) while, pretty easy to set up on Windows :slight_smile:

Ultimately Linux (Debian 7 is my favourite) is the most cost-effective.

Lots of cloud server companies nowadays, be sure to research them all.

As you mentioned there are “function-specific” cloud services eg. if you want ~only~ database hosting, etc. I haven’t got too much into this as I like having Debian 7, LAMP stack and Python in a complete OS.

But the “function-specific” cloud services seem to be the way things are heading.

As you mentioned there’s also CDN (content distribution network) factors, eg. You want to have the servers running at the right locations, do load balancing, etc.

Try Google Cloud Containers, cheaper and better.