Amazon/Google cloud services.

I have question regarding using Amazon or Google cloud services for building light. Does anybody using those services? If yes, how?
I found an article on the net about Amazon Web Services and how you can connect to it but I dont know if Swarm Agent will work seamlessly with it.
Does anybody have some experience?

Anyone? I am kinda pessimistic that none haven’t done this. I need to find out if its possible because it takes a lot time to build the light for my level, and because of that I want to take an advantage of cloud servers. :slight_smile:

Late reply, for sure, but did you ever find something for this?

I found this article:

which completely sets up a box in the cloud to work on directly, so, theoretically, that should work.

I’d rather just have remote boxes with the lighting tools setup to work, no need for the entire engine per se.

It has been done.

“Configure a development or production environment running on GCP.”

Sadly I’m only a hobbiest and most of this is beyond me so anybody comes up with a simple how too or feels like while setting it up making a YouTube video step-by-step I would greatly appreciate it