Amazon Gamelift or Pixel Streaming - what's the difference?

I have an Unreal Engine Game and want to have it running in the cloud to allow all processing to be done in the back end. I need multiple players in the same ‘world’, each with their own avatars, interacting with each other. I first looked at Pixel Streaming but have also looked at Amazon Gamelift. Does anyone have any experience/tips on which might be best for my use case? (It does appear that Pixel Streaming doesn’t allow for interaction and independent control per player but I’m not 100% sure of this)

To reiterate, I’ll need up to 50 players in the same Unreal world, but each player can control their own character/avatar independently and see the other players. All processing is done in cloud. I know there’ll likely be a heavy datacentre cost but this question is about technical feasibility and whether Gamelift or Pixel Streaming is a good fit.


Until now i didn’t see any links beetween Gamelift and pixel streaming even no mention of gamelift in some pixel streaming tutorials for AWS. it looks like you should ask directly the question to Amazon AWS.

I think there is a misunderstanding here since pixel streaming is basically remote rendering of your client on a server, be it in the local network or in the cloud. So that has nothing to do with multiplayer capabilities.

To host multiplayer servers you can use GameLift or AWS EC2 (which is cheaper than GameLift but you have to do more manual setup) or any other hosting service. If I understand your question correctly, Pixel Streaming will not help to solve your problem.

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He said “all processing to be done in the back end” and mention Pixel streaming ; I think that hardware client device is included too ^^