Amazing looking A-RPG UE3 game!

I don’t know if this game has been posted about before, but I just stumbled onto it and it looks crazy-amazing! These guys make Blizzard and Diablo 3 look like a bunch of no-talent amateurs. Watch the whole video, there are some incredible scenes. One of my favourites is where they’re pulling the floating islands together in what looks like real-time in-game. BTW the game is called Lost Ark, sorry in all my excitement I forgot to even mention what it was called. lol

First time i’ve heard of it. Liked the effects and all will keep it for reference, Thanks for sharing.

Looks really cool, hopefully it’s not like those other Korean games that never get released.

Yes looks amazing, like most of games made in Asia (if you like anime art style). What they gain in art they lose in stupidly slow grinding, or random generator reward system in endgame. My dream is Asian art style game with western mechanic.

Anyway this game looks awesome.

Yeah, everyone at HQ has been dying to try it, but only a handful here can actually read/speak korean.

Yeah if this game doesn’t come to the west - and the developers are saying that it WILL - but if it doesn’t then maybe I’ll have to take up how to speak Korean lessons. lol

I just hope they will do gameplay more for western players, ie. not so huge endgame grind with **** random rewards. Which is shame that all asian mmos suffer from.
I need some long lasting game for times when i am too lazy or drunk to think.

My choice is ugly game (aka wester one) or mindless farm (aka eastern one), get best from both worlds finally!