Amazing Feature Idea

This is a question/request/idea but while programming in Visual Studio there is a problem that really bugs me to add a new class I ether have to run the project, create a new header and cpp file, or create a new class and delete everything in it and start over. I think this is a great idea as new feature of some sorts to right click and new uclass so that it can make a ue4 class in vs instead of just ue4 editor I think this would be a great workflow improvement. I want to know is there an extension for vs that does that if not It would be a good idea for the current unrealvs extension. Thoughts, suggestions, help??

I agree, I’ve often thought the same thing. Add it to the pile I guess. :slight_smile:

That is an interesting idea, though normally I just manually make a new cpp and h file in windows explorer :slight_smile: We’d love to add things to UnrealVS, but we also know it is not helpful for many users because it doesn’t work with VS Express.

Maybe this could be done with the wizard or template features rather than extensions. I believe those are supported even in Express?

I think the OP’s idea might be possible with just the default templating for creating a new class? I might be wrong though.

Didn’t see this before I wrote the above. My thoughts exactly!

Well, it could just be an additional tool. You could add a shortcut to vs if you wanted.