Amalyn Online [Zone based MMO Hack and Slash]

Project Title: Amalyn Online

3rd Person Anime/Cel-shaded MMO Hack and Slash

In the ancient days the world was full of chaos and evil, the ancient guardians fought against the evils, and pled to the gods for help. After endless battles the [Legendary Hero] appeared as if from nowhere to cast away the evils of the world. The ancient guardians re-forged the hero’s sword and infuse it with their divine power. Using the [Sword of Legends] will seal evil away and release the divine power which was stolen from the gods. The [Legendary Hero] was last known to fight the cause of all the evil Muluceps, but only the sword remained. The ancient guardians formed a tomb as a shrine and final resting place for the hero. The sword was cast into the tomb with a seal to keep the evils from escaping until the [Legendary Hero] returned.

Current Members:
DigitalKarnage (C++ Programmer/ BP Scripter / Story Writer / Game Designer)

10+ years programming and designing games, with a focus on networking and back-end systems.

<Remarks>: I’ve been designing this game on and off for about a 8 months now, however for this project, all we need is a demo to get started. There’s no point in trying to build out an entire game, if we can’t even sell the idea from a demo. The GDD for the demo is ~80% complete, with the area and progression aspects written out.

Talent Required:
<Project Manager>

  • Lead a group of artists and get stuff done.
  • Need to be able to recruit talent with the right skills for the position, and know if / when a person doesn’t fit.
  • Need to stay cool under pressure, be able to interpret abstract thoughts / rants from an engineer and translate them to artists.
  • Preferred experience with at least 1 released title.
  • Preferred experience with a crowd funding campaign, and some knowledge on what it takes to run a successful one.

Looking for all Types of Artists which have a specialty in the Anime / Cel-shading style.

<UI Designer>
A UI designer, for elements such as the Game Launcher, Start Screen, Options, Player HUD, Inventory, Guild Management, etc…

Skype: codemonkeyvirus