Am just wondering ?

Hello am new to the world of Unreal Engine and I just have one question.
After searching the forums I understand that in UE 4 it is possible to create large open world environments.
But it requires some more work then in CRYENGINE.

How much work is needed to create a wast open world ?
Similar to the 4096x4096 in CRYENGINE?
Is this a daunting task only attempted by the most experienced UE developers?

Or is it possible for a small indie studio to achieve as well?
Thanks for any answers.

You can also do that, but it always depends on the performance that you want to get.

e.g You can easily create a 4096x4096 landscape, but of course to get a good performance you have to use level streaming, very good lods, very low poly models,…

If you are interested in the max world size that the UE4 supports, just take a look at this thread:

How much will the details suffer from the lager map size?
And what is the max player count for UE ?

You can make a map as large as you want, some people are working on entire planets. The max player count is whatever your server and code can handle, there’s no hard limit.

Ok thank you.
I guess its time to read the docs. :slight_smile:

When you use every way to save performance you can create pretty big and detailed maps

Is the networking for UE 4 documented some where. ?
I been reading here
And what I have seen and read so far is great but I have not found anything on networking, did I miss it?

And thanks for all the quik replys much aprichiated.

Edit: :slight_smile: