Am I the only one hoping to see Fortnite being forgotten and Paragon revived?


I think I’m not alone to say that Paragon was better on Legacy, because it was more original compared to other MOBAs, and stuff, but anyway, it’s closed… But imagine if Fortnite is forgotten, what will they do? “Revive” Paragon and fix their mistakes? It has a really great potential to get a good communit… Oh wait, that was already the case, but they prefer a popular game with a bad community Ahem Fortnite. But please, if someone working for Epic, and worked on Paragon, PLEASE, revive it, it had more potential than a old battle royale not even fixed correctly, because more bugs come with updates. There’s even a petition to see how much Paragon was loved (on Legacy I hope). So yeah, just revive Paragon, make it better, and make it more popular, I think it could be a good idea.