Am i right On When to Use PlayerController

Is my understanding correct?

  1. The player controller blueprint is the same as the ThirdPersonBlueprint or a Character NPC’s blueprint?

  2. I would use the player controller blueprint for everything except Axis movements if I want players to change between multiple characters that will all share similar features "jump, wall run, fire weapon with animation, etc.

  3. If I am just having one single character the player can choose from, I can simply skip the step of using the player controller and use the third person blueprint for everything related to the character. But if I am using multiple characters with different abilities, all the shared abilities will be in the player controller, and unique abilities will be in the thirdperson blueprint

4… If they act exactly the same, I could make all my inputs and functions inside the player controller blueprint instead of the thirdperson blueprint if I wanted to or needed to the same way as if I were to make the functions in the thirdperson blueprint?

I don’t believe they are the same. Because when casting to “ThirdPersonBlueprint” it’s to call the BP input you have set in it such as any skills or movement speed settings etc. Calling the “player controller” node would be cast to like player 1, player 2 etc. Because in the Third Person BP you can set up if you want that one to be player 0-9.