Am I missing a step with this animation blueprint? Please help me D;

Here is an imgur album with the setup.

I also tried hooking speed up to the event update anim blueprint>Isvalid?>speed, but that throws a false,When hooked directly to it, it throws “accessed none Kart_BP from nod Set IggySpeedVar”

Thanks for any help, and if theres a better way to do this I’d love to know!

I saw in your pictures that you didn’t connected the exec input of your set variables to any event or flow of event. Dunno if it’s that only for image purpose or you didn’t connected it at all.
But if its the second then there’s the reason, you’re never calling those set variables to get the actual value of your speed.
In your vehicle character consider connecting it to Event Tick. And in the AnimBlueprint hook it to Event Blueprint Update Animation node.

This should make it work.

Thanks i’ll try this out! I disconnected it for picture purposes :stuck_out_tongue: