Am I going crazy or are we currently unable to set an input By Ref in macros?

My old macros with By Ref inputs work fine. Copy pasting them works too. I’m just unable to access the option to make it by ref or not by ref within the macro? O_o

I don’t want to install the older engine just to check, I’ll submit a bug report on it - not having found a relevant entry in the tracker - and let them sort it out…
at best, they moved the option somewhere obscure. At worse they disabled the drop down UI functionality by mistake.

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Any news? Can you share the ID for the report. I’d like to vote it up too.

Will do as soon as they determine it is a bug and provide the tracker id.

I’m probably wrong here, but… isn’t all input by reference anyway with a macro? Because the macro is just a substitution, so by definition you can’t have automatic local copies of variables.

Maybe that’s why they got rid of it…

Well, if that were the case I wouldn’t by getting issues like I am when attempting to change a variable that is byref but shouldn’t be.
apparently after removing all pins on this macro I can only create variables typed as byref.
Meanwhile in a new macro all I get is regular variables.

Even if they had gotten rid of it for a good reason the UI is essentially freaking out on me.