am I exporting the character file correctly

hello I am developing a game in ue5 but whenever I export and apply it into the game the character gets stretched out here is a video to help with the question, does anyone know why this is happening

Hey there @Its_birdE! Welcome to the community! Are your bones scale values greater than 1 on export?

Hey @Its_birdE! Welcome to the forums!

To add on a bit more to what @SupportiveEntity as said, check out this non-Epic affiliated video on export setting for blender to double check any additional settings that may have been missed:

I hope you find the solution you need!

I have no clue how do you check the bones scale???

In your imported model, open the skeleton and check here in UE and the details panel in Blender:

They should be 1 across the board, however if this is not the case, are you importing any animation data with it? If you baked them sometimes you get some weirdness.

Lastly it’s possible that the bone’s have unclean transforms when you export it. You can freeze/apply them in most newer versions of blender like this:

Note: Make a backup of your project before applying any transforms/deltas. This is a cleanup step, but is not a non-destrucive option.