Am I expecting too much?

Hi everyone, for my first game I’ve been working on an endless runner aimed at iOS/Android. I’ve recently been reading a bit about how unreal isn’t great for mobile games and wondered if anyone could offer some advice.

The menus are minimal just a few different widgets for the Options/Character Select/Store. The game itself looks quite nice, unlike most endless runners I have seen, it’s more realistic looking (see attached pic). The landscape and obstacles all generate automatically upon box collision at the end of the main floor tile, then delete themselves when they are behind the player. Due to this I would imagine it wouldn’t need as much processing power as say something like a big open world game.

That being said, am I still overshooting my expectations? Will this be problematic on a mobile platform? I can’t yet test the game on my phone as I am holding off paying for the apple development enrolment until I am close to being ready to upload the game.

Thanks for any info!